Quick Sustainability Audit

Micro-businesses are best positioned as catalyst for local change by the sheer virtue of the location and mode of operation of most. Good enough, taking on a social responsibility has proven to be good for any business. This triple-bottom sustainability audit tool is designed to help any micro-business identify areas to establish sustainability measures in simple steps. The assessment will explore the business’s current governance structure, business model, community and environmental practices. This sustainability audit tool has been designed in cognizance of best practices across the world

Welcome to your Quick Sustainability Audit


Does your business have a clear vision & mission statement?

Does your business have a clear management structure or organogram?

Does your business have a board of advisors or directors?

Does your business have a system to set financial, social and environmental targets?

Does your business have a specified tool or system to track performance of targets?


Does your business have a social impact?

Do you bind your business suppliers to certain social standards?

Does your business engage underserved groups?

Does your business leverage on technology?

Does your business have defined key performance indicators?


Do you have up to 50% under-represented people on your team?

Do you have up to 50% of local community members on your team?

Do you encourage your workers to participate in local civic causes?

Have you ever championed a social cause for your customers or host community?

Does your business have a feedback system accessible to all groups?


Do you have articulated strategies to conserve resources?

Do you repurpose, recycle or compost your waste?

Do you use energy-efficient products/services?

Do you actively discourage single-use plastics?

Are all documents kept in hard copies?

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Check out easy ways to make your business sustainable

Developing a corporate governance system that ensures succession, supervision, accountability and transparency is paramount for a micro-business looking to scale and improve its business operation.

A business in the 21st century is sustainable only if it has a triple-bottom line of financial, social and environmental sustainability across its organisational and operational processes

A business must be in good standing with its employees, have the loyalty of customers and host communities to be sustainable, anything short of this can potentially mar any business’s growth.

The threats of an impending climate crisis and the enormous environmental degradation we are currently experiencing, has made it paramount for all businesses to go green and design strategies for environmental sustainability.

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