A learning platform for small business owners looking to leverage social impact for business growth

Who is it for?

This platform is for aspiring, micro and small business owners in the Global South, looking to grow their business and effect change in their communities.
Our resources are suitable for For-Profit Businesses, Not-for-Profit Businesses, Non-Governmental Organisations and Freelancers.
We offer a blend of online, in-class, paid and free classes. We also have custom consultancy service offering.

Free Resources

Basics of Grant Writing

Improve your grant writing skills and avoid common mistakes

Requisition Form

Having problems tracking how your team expends cash? adopt this form to monitor all cash disbursement.

DIY Personal Profile

Use this template to create a stellar personal profile

FInd a resource

Project Report Template

Share project report in a standard format

Sample Project Work Plan

Adopt this tool to guide your project planning process

Available Courses

Optimizing for Impact

 We know optimizing your business model can be hectic. We also know communicating what your business is about, a requisite to getting investment  requires practice and in some cases,  hand-holding.  This is why we have free follow-up sessions for everyone who has taken a paid course and paid sessions for users who have not. 

Learn from the very best

We believe Micro and Small business enterprises as the largest employer of labour are better positioned as catalyst for social development. We are on a mission to build inclusive and resilient communities across Africa by Africans, with a goal to help over 30,000,000 micro and small businesses embed triple-bottom line sustainability by 2030 – Realri

Join our platform and start getting the best resources to grow your business while making impact.