Your Microbusiness should be more than just making profits

Most businesses spring up for the sole purpose of making profit. We set up business for ourselves & with ourselves in mind. Along the line, business owners learn to think first about their customer needs in order to make more sales.

Business owners seldom get to the part where host communities, or the entire life of their customers is of huge concern to them- as far as we are making sales & profit is steady, who cares whether customers can read/write or are being abused or marginalized.

The monopoly and protectionist idea we love to dwindle with only works for us. I mean, you want to protect your interest and not the interest of the people. That’s why you see business owners shout on top of our voices for enabling environment from government, yet we never really care much for the environment we operate in.

Maybe running a business is too much a headache in itself in Nigeria, maybe not.. but if profit is what business owners are looking for, then caring deeply about the customer’s entirety is the way to go!

Statistics already show that customers are more inclined to buy from businesses they perceive as caring or more socially responsible. Not that they care whether the business is genuine or just doing stuffs for the camera.

I would rather buy from a place I know they constantly donate to a charity or offer scholarships or volunteer or support host communities and this is not about the big businesses alone.

I would buy from Iya Rose, whom I know feeds 2 more kids from the street, outside of her 3 children than from Sisi Rita who I think uses all her profit to slay.

I would buy from Uncle Uche, whom I know volunteers on Saturdays to teach some children from the street before I patronize Uncle Steve who just pockets his profit.

Definitely, their prices also have to be similar, but if it’s not, I will still make up an excuse and buy.

Doing social good for your host community even as a micro business can be in various forms that will cost you nothing. You can leverage on your personal or business skills to help others outside of making profit and together Africa will rise.

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