Implementing Sustainability Measures for Business Community

A business community is made up of its people- internal (staff) and external (customers and other stakeholders). PEOPLE are any business’s most important asset, yet getting the right mix of talents is a herculean task for micro-businesses.

A business must be in good standing with its employees, have the loyalty of customers and host communities to be sustainable, anything short of this can potentially mar any business’s growth.


What you need to know to build a sustainable community;

1) How to build a sustainable team

2) Diversity at the workplace

3) How to measure performance of your team

4) Getting involved in local social issues

How to build a sustainable team

  • Have a clear company structure
  • Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Build trust among your team
  • Create a peer-to-peer accountability system
  • Engage team members in strategies and planning
  • Acknowledge, reward and celebrate good work
  • Create an effective feedback system

Diversity at the workplace

  • Be deliberate about building a diverse team when hiring or promoting  
  • Celebrate differences
  • Create an enabling environment, examples include continuous learning programs or disability friendly products or environment

How to measure performance of your team

  • Involve team members in setting organisational goals and performance indicators
  • Tie organisational goals to team performance
  • Create a performance login tool for team members to report their work
  • Create a customer feedback system that includes name of responsible team member
  • Use efficient metrics such as work quality, personal development, problems solved instead of metrics such as hours spent, days present.
  • Rate team members individually and as a team

Getting involved in local social issues

  • Align your business goals or value proposition to at least one of the sustainable development goals
  • Map your ecosystem- the persistent problems in the local community your business operates in, problems related to your business operations etc
  • Attend town-hall meetings in your host communities
  • Identify local change makers in the areas you have identified
  • Offer support- this can be in form of volunteering, or free service delivery or cash (where available)

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