On my Journey to Zero-Waste Living

I understand that the journey of a thousand years starts with a simple small step, so I’ve been making conscious effort to reduce the waste I generate on a journey to live waste free. I run a recycling company called Ecobarter, which means most of my plastics, paper and metals get recycled, making my journey mainly focused on reducing non-biodegradable and hard-to recycle materials such as plastic straws, sanitary products, styrofoam and certain types of plastic bags. Did I mention that I recently started composting? Yes, I started just last week.

I took the first step earlier in the year, you know before Coronavirus locked us in. I switched from plastic toothbrushes to 100% natural bamboo with charcoal bristles toothbrush, these types are 100% biodegradable.

Then, thanks to an innovative social enterprise making sanitary products, Virtuous Pads I’m switching to a reusable and ecofriendly panty liner option.

Also, I now use bamboo straws, as the flexible single-use plastic ones are notorious for choking marine lives and they easily break down into microplastics that come back to pollute our food chain.

These tiny steps are only possible thanks to Ecobartermall an online store for awesome, essential and affordable eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.

I’m excited to be on this journey, taking small actionable steps to reduce waste and protect my environment.

I sincerely hope you can join me too. And feel free to reach out to me on your journey to zero-waste living.


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