Microbusinesses & Social good work together perfectly

Truth be told, MSMEs employ over 80% of our labour force, so that should tick some boxes for social good

Most micro & small businesses operate without consciousness for the overall sustainability of their businesses (economic, social & environmental) – Guess what? this does more harm than good to your paper chase!

Social good and profit-making are not mutually exclusive of each other. According to Forbes, 94 per cent of Millennials wants an opportunity to use their skills to help a cause, meaning you’ll have better luck recruiting them as team members or volunteers if your business makes a positive difference. Consumers of all kinds are more aware and are beginning to demand some level of responsibility from businesses these days. A consumer would rather buy from a business they perceive as more socially responsible…Contributing to the social wealth of your local community as a micro-business doesn’t have to drain your scarce resources, there are a number of small efforts with big impacts every micro & small business can check out!


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