A professional profile, bio or about you, as its mostly called is one of the most intriguing pieces you will ever write. Your bio has to be a representative excerpt of who you are, what you like, what you do and what you can do, so it understandably takes a natural order of writes, scraps, edits and post. The stretch of a bio crafting cycle depends on what you want your audience to know and on which platform it will be featured.

There is no straight nor fast rule to a task as daunting as crafting a 150-1000 words sales pitch out of your entire being. But, we’ve curated an easy-to-follow approach to writing a professional profile on your own.


Paragraph 1

  • Start with your first and last name.
  • State your expertise, profession and any associated brand name or certification.
  • State an accomplishment.

Paragraph 2

  • Take your audience through your journey and experiences.
  • Briefly tell your audience about your motivation(s) and turning point(s).

Paragraph 3

  • Highlight your passion and core values.
  • State your ambition, vision and mission
  • Briefly tell your audience what you do outside professional work.
  • Add a phase you would want your audience to remember (consider adding humour)


[First, Last Name] is a [profession and years of experience] who currently works with [employer/customers], where he [key roles]. [First name] holds a [certification/degree] and has [accomplishments/awards].
[First name] started [current profession/project] as a [prior position] doing [roles/competence] with [former employer] before moving on to [prior experience] where [pronoun] [accomplishment]. [First name] work has been motivated by [turning point/personal story]. In [year], [pronoun] with [project/employer] earned [pronoun] [awards/recognitions].
[First name] is passionate about [passion] and holds [values/personal trait you want to share]. With her work, [pronoun] hopes to [ambition/vision]. When [pronoun] is not working, [pronoun] is [extracurricular activities]. [Pronoun] wants to be remembered as [parting phrase].


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