Social development creates a platform for everyone to live a self-sufficient life. It is about improving the wellbeing of each and every individual in the society, so they also can reach their full potential – the type of development that puts people first and focus on the persons in any community.

Social development of a community means a commitment to better;

Access to Decent Work and Economic opportunities

Access to Good & Affordable Health

Access to Quality Education

Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to Clean, Stable and Affordable Energy

Equality for all

Access to Justice and Good Governance

Respect for every person

As a micro-business owner, you probably have less than 9 workers altogether and less than 5 million Naira in revenue, so you are wondering why and how are you in the centre of it all and with so much responsibility; below are 5 reasons why you are a catalyst for change

  1. Humanity will prosper or perish as ONE: This is the fundamental reason why everyone is at the centre of social development actually. Lack of quality education for all will mean less and less skilled people to employ in your organization; lack of access to health services in some communities will increase the potential for spread of communicable diseases to yours etc
  2. The power of numbers: As of 2013, SMEDAN estimated that Nigeria had over 36,000,000 micro businesses. Imagine 30 million businesses giving 1 NGN to the same cause monthly or all 3.2million micro-businesses in Lagos matching to demand better taxation.
  3. Point of Contact: Micro businesses are mostly local. Let’s face it, you have more local customers and have a more personal connection with them that the big brands headquartered outside Nigeria. Also, the proximity to the grassroots also means it is easier to influence the people to act. How else will Dufil or Dangote sell their goods if not by leveraging on the local micro-enterprises? Same works for change.
  4. Demand for Change: Micro businesses need to judiciously utilize every kobo to grow, but now, more customers (local or visiting) tend to favour businesses they perceive is more socially responsible to them- harnessing this demand and playing more active role in the community also set micro businesses for growth as more investors are looking to socially responsible businesses
  5. Personal Concern: Micro businesses have limited resources and then to depend on communal infrastructures or services provided to host communities. They also desire this change and this will help grow their businesses.


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