15 Tips to improve your chances of getting the Grant

Raising funds for a passion project or social enterprise can have you grasping at straws sometimes. Worse, seeing suitable grant opportunities and not being able to grab them can potentially drive you to your wits’ end.

I have curated 15 important tips to improve your chances of getting a YES! for the next grant opportunity

1. Do your homework by researching potential funding sources

2. Understand application and funding criteria

3. Read previously successful application packages

4. Align with the particular funder’s interest

5. Avoid copying and pasting the same statements without tailoring

6. Build credibility with your budget

7. Use digital tools to check for spelling, punctuation and other grammatic errors

8. Follow the outlined structure. Where none is provided, be sure to structure your narrative in a clear and compelling manner

9. Have a compelling problem statement. You must be solving a problem!

10. Use only recent facts and figures

11. Be clear, explanatory, relevant and direct

12. Avoid the urge to over-edit your narrative

13. Avoid technical jargons and abbreviations

14. Always have a hook for your statements, nothing cliché though

15. Sell your expertise

One last tip from me is to start early!

Do you have more tips you think we should add? Feel free to drop in the comment.


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