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The purpose of this course is to initiate a process of rapid growth, by understanding and leveraging on social and environmental sustainability practices as much as economic strategies.

The business world is experiencing a paradigm shift from basic capitalism driven only by economic profits to a triple bottom line model which is seeing companies commit to focus also on social and environmental measures.
In Nigeria, your products and services will arguably be in direct or indirect competition with basic food; your customers are in a country notorious for multi-dimensional poverty and international aids.
These coupled with the fact that access to finance and customer acquisition are major problems business owners face in Nigeria are why you need this training to identify, understand and leverage social good for your business growth.

By completing this course, you will learn the necessary tools and strategies to enable your business make impact and attract the much-needed investments.

  • Corporate Governance

    MSMEs in Nigeria are usually owned and run by one person or a small group with family ties. The business owners make critical decisions on the mission, goals, financial, marketing, production and other management responsibilities, mostly without supervision from internal or external specialists or other stakeholders. However, developing a corporate governance system that ensures succession, supervision, accountability and transparency is paramount for a business looking to scale and improve its business operations

  • Business Models

    A business model is how the business intends to create, deliver and capture value. While most businesses are understandably concerned with the financial gains, a business today is only sustainable if it has a triple-bottom-line of financial, social and environmental sustainability across its organisational and operational processes.

  • Social Sustainability

    business community is made up of its people- internal (staff) and external (customers and other stakeholders). PEOPLE are any business’s most important asset, yet getting the right mix of talents is a herculean task for MSMEs. Today, a business must be in good standing with its employees, have the loyalty of customers and host communities to be sustainable, anything short of this can potentially mar any business’s growth.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Our planet is dynamic in nature, changing constantly with time, the interaction of man and matter. Like humans, every business has a varying degree of impact (positive or negative) on the immediate environment and cumulatively on the planet. Recent threats of an impending climate crisis driven partly by human activities have made it paramount for all businesses to go green and design strategies for environmental sustainability.

  • Leveraging for Growth

    Declaring a triple-bottom sustainability model immediately gives you a competitive edge over similar businesses concerned only about economic gains. Statistics show that MSMEs are more likely to get investment if they present a clear social or environmental standing.


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