I'm Rita

A geoscientist, social entrepreneur, all round lover and learner. 

I started my journey into entrepreneurship in 2013, as an undergraduate and it’s been one hell of a journey (I’ve had to take a few stops but I always get back on the train).

I like doing business, making my own money and all, but more than that, I love impacting people’s lives and I crave for a socially justified Africa.

Journey to Social Entrepreneurship

My first social business idea was to create an online marketplace to connect local artisans to larger markets, but unfortunately my camel’s back broke after the first artisan made a really crappy product and I could not figure out a way around quality assurance.

Adding Value is my thing 

I have since learnt about the global goals, assessed each against my interests, expertise, strengths, resources and vision. 

My work currently cuts across creating platforms for people to live more self-sufficient lives, fostering a cleaner environment and building financially profitable enterprises as I am passionate about the Circular Economy. (check out Ecobarter)

leveraging social impact for business growth 

Consumers are beginning to prefer socially and environmentally conscious businesses, employees are willing to stay longer and investors are looking beyond financial profits.

Through my social enterprise Realri Integrated Development and Ecobarter, I have received a number of grants and other forms of support from national and international agencies such as the Bank of Industry, Tony Elumelu Foundation, LEAP Africa, the United States Embassy in Nigeria, UNLEASH, World Connect and Union Bank.

In all ramifications, these supports have made a major difference in our journey to sustainability.

This platform is to share tools, resources and experiences with other small business owners across Africa, so that together we can make Africa Self-Sufficient & Socially Justified 

I’m glad you took your time to learn more about me. I look forward to connecting, learning and sharing with you for the social development of Africa.  With love, RITA.

What sector is your business in?

What is the most difficult challenge you face as a micro business owner?